This Is the State Where Salaries Are Rising Fastest

The U.S. Census Bureau keeps track of how much money Americans make each year. The data includes personal and household income. Recently, data was released from the 2020 census. There have been a number of comparisons to the 2010 census. It makes sense that there would be a tremendous increase in income between the two periods, as 2010 was in the latter part of the Great Recession. looked at salaries between 2010 and 2020 by state and at the percentage increases between the two years. Nationwide, it found incomes rose by 35% to $58,494, in a survey it titled “Surging Salaries.”

Among the primary conclusions about the 35% increase, according to the authors, was this:

This means that the growth in wages has outstripped inflation rates in the country, as wages would only have risen to $51,351 per year in line with inflation. Therefore, Americans could have more disposable income on average to save or put towards the procurement of goods and services.

Washington was the state with the highest increase, up 58.28% to $76,791. It was followed by California, where wages rose 49.16% to $79,480. The state with the smallest increase was Wyoming, where wages rose 21.5% to $50,986. The next lowest increase was in Louisiana, where wages rose 25.33% to $51,964.

All of the data was pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These are the 10 states where wages rose the most between 2010 and 2020:

State 2020 Avg. Wage Difference
Washington $76,791 58.28%
California $79,480 49.16%
North Dakota $55,465 45.47%
Massachusetts $83,738 44.95%
Oregon $59,938 43.82%
South Dakota $49,167 43.21%
New Hampshire $64,888 41.19%
Montana $48,443 40.03%
Utah $54,890 39.35%
Colorado $66,649 39.23%

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