‘Amityville Horror’ House on Market for $850,000

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There are very few houses in the United States that have truly iconic status: Mt. Vernon, Hearst Castle and the Amityville, New York, “horror house” are surely among these icons, and for very different reasons. The horror house has been in nearly as many movies — 14 — as Jennifer Lawrence, and for $850,000 it could be yours.

Amityville is village of about 9,500 in the town of Babylon on the south coast of Long Island. The listing at Realtor.com does not indicate the total square footage, but the house has five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and a formal dining room, among a total of 11 rooms. The approximately quarter-acre property at 108 Ocean Avenue is located on the Amityville River.

According to the listing, the house has been on the market for just over two weeks. Here’s the description:

The horror. The horror. Known as “The Amityville Horror” house, this otherwise unassuming five-bedroom home has scared up a decent amount of online buzz. Whether that interest translates into a buyer willing to overlook the home’s rep is another story entirely.

Star-power drives the house’s price well above the median of $427,450 for its neighborhood and the median of $325,000 for the village. The median house price in the state of New York is $269,900, and the Amityville horror house is priced at the same point as a home in Brooklyn or New Rochelle.

The Amityville house was last listed for sale in 2010 for $1.15 million and sold for $950,000.

But if this home is a little above the budget, the house featured in “The Silence of the Lambs” in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, is on the marked for $224,900. This one’s been on the market for about six months and also features five bedrooms among a total of 11 rooms. But not as many movie credits.

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