Missouri Home in a Cave on Market for $349,900

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Someone in Missouri decided to stick a home in a cave. It’s novel, but it may be hard to sell. The inside is rustic, and it looks like something out of the Raquel Welch movie made in 1966 titled “One Million Years B.C.” The asking price, however, is only $349,900 for a home with three bedrooms, one bath and one half-bath in 5,940 square feet. For some reason, the listing at Realtor.com does not have a location.

One problem with selling the home is that, without an address, no one can tell a commute time, or the quality of the neighborhood. Is it one of the most expensive homes in the area, or one of the least? It is surrounded by Tudors or Colonials?

Aside from description of the house are rumors about famous visitors:

What a dream, year round living in your own cave! Perfect temperature year round for living comfortably. This cave features besides the front chamber living area, a mid chamber of approx. 4350 sq foot and the 3rd chamber including a stage of 8190 sq foot. 30′ tall ceilings. Imagine the possibilities with this once in a life time find! Tucked at the end a quiet cul-de-sac in city limits. Fascinating structure built by the current owner as their residence with over 5000 sq foot of living space. Beyond the living space you find an expansive workshop area and beyond this was the roller rink that once was called Caveland Roller Rink in yesteryear days! The stage at the end of the rink is rumored to have hosted many greats including Ted Nugent, & Bob Seeger. The possibilities are endless with this once in a lifetime real estate find!

Two additional notes, according to Realtor.com. The home was listed on eBay in 2009 (it was built in 2004). And the price and the dimensions were different on eBay.

The owner also has put together a website about the house. The trouble is, the website does not have the location of the home either.

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