This week on Stockhouse May 19–23

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Stocks fluctuate on oil prices, Fed reports, inflation fears

Wall Street started the week mixed, with the Dow ending higher but the Nasdaq down. Tuesday and Wednesday saw the Street fall as worries about inflation held investors back and the Fed reported a pessimistic outlook for the next two years. The Dow managed to close slightly higher Thursday when oil prices finally pulled back. The TSX started a shortened week off with a bang on Tuesday when it went over the 15,000 mark for the first time, driven by the high price of oil. However, the rise was short-lived as slipping financial stocks pulled the TSX down on Wednesday. Thursday saw the Canadian markets drop again, on news from BCE and falling energy stocks. The Dow closed lower Friday as oil remained near all-time highs and a housing report renewed worries about the economy. The TSX closed the week down on energy and oil stocks, despite oils record prices.

On Monday… 

Stockhouse blogger Iamwcw reviewed the outlook for a resource company in Natural gas good for Alberta junior producer.

Luke Brocki’s weekly uranium report covered market reaction to earnings releases from Cameco and Uranium One in Uranium spot price down, Cameco misses.

In the Money Morning report, William Patalon III identified hot topics that will feature prominently in the week’s upcoming economic data releases in Economic speculation resumes.

Articles from the desk of 24/7 Wall St. included analyses of a furniture maker, an online bank and a China steel maker.

Mike Paulenoff updated traders on the support-test of a natural gas ETF in the Mid-day Minute.

Then on Tuesday…

William Patalon III reported that China seeks superpower status with jumbo jet deal.

Commodity advances cast a cloud over equities, wrote Colin Cieszynski.

In Tuesday’s Mid-day Minute, gold’s corrective rally continued.

24/7 Wall Street reported on UTStarcom Inc., a telecom designer/manufacturer that’s trying to make a comeback.

SH member AceOfKY said that mining company valuations are not all created equal.

Liverless returned to the home page with Coal shortage nothing but bullish.

On Wednesday…

Doug Hadfield of Mining and Money reported on an alternative power provider that could rise 400% in seven years.

The Weekly Wizards gave you stock market analysis from renowned market timer Jack Steiman of

Joseph Hargett of Schaeffer’s Research reported on a steelmaker getting an optimistic rating from options traders.

Steven Saville said that interest rates must rise, but bonds don’t have to tank.

Read about Warren Buffett’s latest speculation, in Martin Hutchinson’s Warren Buffett looks to invest in Germany.

In an appendix to his three-part series, Thom Calandra wrote about a gold company that could change the economy of El Marmato.

Kevin Cook explained why oil trading is turning contango on its head.

Rising commodity prices drove Canadian equities to new highs but overhang U.S. markets in Wednesday’s market report from Colin Cieszynski.

In the Mid-day Minute, an agricultural ETF sprouted an upleg.

Vic Wisemann of Investors Observer wrote that financial write-downs from creditors may mean fresh market worries.

littleguy123 wrote that the oil price rise continues, and asked: What is going on with crude?

On Thursday…

David Galland of Casey Research gave you a primer on investing in junior exploration companies.

24/7 Wall Street reported on a gold company that may have peaked, an energy company ready to rally, and a sinking biotech company.

Read a letter to Congress from Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Morning with a simple three-step plan to reduce oil prices.

The failure of equities to rebound from recent selling suggests a negative trend change is underway, Colin Cieszynski wrote in Thursday’s market report.

In the Mid-day Minute, a natural gas ETF reversed.

Finally, on Friday…

Nancy Zambell of Financially Fit told you about credit and debt consolidation, and how to pay yourself first. reported on uranium investments that are heating up, and some hot companies to watch.

In the Money Morning report, Keith Fitz-Gerald reported the surest way to double your money this year.

Preet Banerjee explained how to use a hedge to reduce investment risk.

Diopside returned to the SH homepage with a look at Marifil Mines and its diverse assets in Argentina.

In Friday’s Mid-day Minute, there was an upside continuation for an oil and gas ETF.

SH member Shiva1968 provided an alternative way to go “green”.

John Whitefoot answered the question, When it comes to penny stocks, how do you know when to sell?

In the CMC Markets report, Colin Cieszynski wrote that an energy commodity and equity price correction may be underway.