This week on Stockhouse April 28–May 2

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Mixed week for stocks as dollar rises, oil falls, Fed cuts

Wall Street started the week down, as investors chewed on the Mars acquisition of Wrigley, and closed lower again Tuesday, ahead of the Fed’s expected interest-rate cut. Wednesday saw another drop in U.S. stocks, which lost the solid mid-day gains achieved before the Fed’s rate cut. On Thursday Wall Street rebounded, as the U.S. dollar rose and oil prices fell. The TSX was down at the beginning of the week, as small gains in commodities disappeared. By Wednesday, Bay Street was up on financial and energy stocks, and continued in the green on Thursday, despite further declines in commodities. U.S. stocks gained Friday, after a better-than-expected job report, but had lost most of those gains by markets’ close, while the TSX ended Friday up 214.47 points on energy and financial stocks.

On Monday… 

William Patalon III wrote, Fed will grab headlines with “Last Hurrah” interest-rate cut.

Colin Cieszynski reported on the markets consolidating Friday’s gains, and investigated a renewed interest in the Canadian oil sands.

Danny Deadlock looked at PharmaGap, and asked, does this company have Major implications for cancer?

Luke Brocki reported that nuclear power and uranium will be showcased at the G8 talks this year.

Mining and Money gave us A cyanide story: Are we doing enough to prevent cyanide spills?

Investors Observer asked, How can your portfolio mimic a mutual fund? 

In Monday’s Mid-day Minute, Is the day of water shortages approaching?

Then on Tuesday…

Sam Kiri reported on the West African mining industry – Yet to reach the heights it deserves.

Martin Hutchinson wrote about The Fed’s dilemma: Rescue the housing market or feed the poor?

Colin Cieszynski wrote, Equities await Wednesday’s Fed interest rate decision, oil retreats.

In the Mid-day Minute, a natural gas ETF pointed lower.

On Wednesday…

In the Weekly Wizards, China’s consumers are still in play.

Steven Saville reported on Credit contraction, economic bust, and deflation.

The Fed walks the high wire again, according to Jennifer Yousfi and William Patalon III.

Colin Cieszynski said, One down, one to go in the U.S.; stagflation in Canada?

Peter Leeds reported on The real price of oil.

In Wednesday’s Mid-day Minute, there was a minor completed pullback in the ADR 50 ETF.

On Thursday…

Joseph Hargett of Schaeffer’s Research said that fastener distributor Fastenal is on a fast track higher.

Kevin Cook gave us Trading moves to learn from the MIT blackjack team.

Jennifer Yousfi and William Patalon III asked, Could the Fed be exporting stagflation to Europe?

Colin Cieszynski wrote that equity markets are shrugging off yesterday’s declines, and provides a commodity check-up.

In Thursday’s Mid-day Minute, Financials broke out.

In the first of a new ongoing series, Portfolio Spotlight, Stockhouse member littleguy123 shared his stock portfolio management strategy.

Finally, on Friday…

Charles Morand asked, Are alternative energy stocks decoupled from oil prices?

Nancy Zambell, of Financially Fit, showed us seven signs of fraud and how to know if your stock is the next Bear Stearns.

Martin Hutchinson believed that the U.S. housing finance system needs replacing.

Is Kidnap and Ransom insurance right for you? Preet Banerjee explained.

John Whitefoot explained why analyst recommendations don’t always pay off for penny stocks in You say “good by”, I say hello.

In Friday’s Mid-day Minute, Surging crude oil weakened equities.