Facebook Audience Disappoints

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Comscore released its list of the 50 largest US websites for March based on unique visitors. The top of the list has not changed. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) sites are still in first place with almost 190 million unique visitors. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) sites are in second place with 179 million followed closely by Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO).

Two things stand out. The first is that Facebook’s rise has slowed considerably. It is still well behind the leaders with its 159 million visitors. There have been concerns ahead of Facebook’s IPO that both its audience and revenue growth have slowed. The Comscore data tends to prove that, at least about its visitors. The other number that stands out is Yahoo!’s which is particularly large. That size is some proof that, if the portal company can be better managed, it has enough online heft to be more successful.