Cramer's #3 Growth Pick for 2007

On tonight’s MAD MONEY Cramer went over his 3 TOP GROWTH PLAYS for 2007.

Cramer loves growth and the street loves growth.  He is doing 3 picks in reverse order:

The #3 Growth stock for 2007 is Cisco Systems (CSCO).  He said it finally came back after a dismal 2 years, and now it is back.  Cramer said Chambers is doing well.  It is up 64% from his $17+ recommendation, but he noted with growth you have to buy high and sell higher.  Even though the street is fully behind the company again, they are underestimating the company and don’t understand the full scope of the story.  The company is now a Brand rather than just the backbone for the web.  Cramer notes that all of the traffic.  The Linksys and Scientific Atlanta buys have really evolved the company and they are now the major component for Triple Play for Cable.

If you will recall last night he noted that his top 3 VALUE STOCK PICKS for 2007 as the following (with links through to the full descriptions):

1) Altria (MO)

2) Goldman Sachs (GS)

3) Halliburton (HAL)

He also predicted 14,582 for the DJIA by the end of the year.

Tomorrow night he’ll go over the Speculative stock picks for 2007.  There will be two more picks tonight.

Jon C. Ogg
January 4, 2007