Jim Cramer's Fantasy Football Stock Picks (VMW, RIMM, AAPL, ISRG)

On tonight’s MAD MONEY, Jim Cramer continued his ‘fantasy football draft pick’ methodology in picking stocks for a portfolio that will withstand a recession.  Tonight after a strong market he said you need some Offensive players with scoring ability.  Here are his wide receiver picks that keep popping up in the media that make the biggest plays (capital growth):

  • Research-in-Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM), one of the ‘New Four Horsemen of Tech’ with subscribers rising rapidly and hardware sales going gangbusters.
  • Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), also one of CRAMER’S TOP PICKS FOR 2007.  iPhones and Macs are selling unbelievable well.
  • Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) is his pick in Medical Tech for the DaVinci robot.
  • VMware (NYSE:VMW) as the rookie of the year after an explosive IPO and leader in Virtualization.

Last night he gave his picks that were not defensive, but still the leaders as the quarterback.  But before that he gave his solid Defensive linemen picks that are defensive stock picks, and four of those were in our own LIST OF 17 DEFENSIVE STOCKS that we modified last Friday morning.  Sixteen of those seventeen stocks closed up today.

Jon C. Ogg
September 11, 2007

Jon Ogg produces the 24/7 Wall St. SPECIAL SITUATION INVESTING NEWSLETTER; he does not own securities in the companies he covers.