Cramer's New 'Four Horsemen of Technology'


On tonight’s MAD MONEY on CNBC, Jim Cramer has some names to fall back on after you have two bad tape days like this.  His idea and concept is the NEW 4-Horsemen of Technology: Apple (AAPL), Research-in-Motion (RIMM), Google (GOOG), and surprisingly (AMZN).  These are all the names you’ll want to buy as the end of summer gets here and the techs start running.  Cramer said you aren’t necessarily supposed to buy them all here.

The ‘Four Retiring Horsemen of Tech are Microsoft (MSFT) Intel (INTC), Dell (DELL), and Cisco Systems (CSCO).  These were the leaders of the 1990’s but are still down huge from their highs back in the bubble-days and are no longer leading the tech rally days like they used to.

Cramer said he likes Dell (DELL) still and he still likes Cisco Systems (CSCO).  He thinks Microsoft (MSFT) is sort of a ‘don’t buy” and he thinks Intel (INTC) has lost its way.  It was a bit surprising to see (AMZN) here since Cramer has only been re-endorsing it again after a long long time of bludgeoning it as overvalued.  All of these others are technology plays that Cramer keeps talking about almost day in and day out.  So whatever he says from here on these are calls that maybe he’s got something new and maybe he doesn’t, but you’ve heard some variation of it at some point lately.

Jon C. Ogg
June 6, 2007

Jon Ogg can be reached at; he does not own securities in the companies he covers.