NYTimes: Huffington Value Compared To 24/7 Wall St. Analysis

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In today’s New York Times an article on The Huffington Post says that the company is looking for a valuation of $200 million. That would be $53 per unique visitor based on Nielsen figures of 3.7 million for February.

The paper mentions that if the Huffington internal numbers of 14 million unique visitors is used, the valuation per unique visitor is closer to $15.

The $15 seems much more reasonable, but so does using outside figures like those Nielsen supplies. That would give Huffington a value of $56 million. The 24/7 Wall St. valuation for the company is $70 million. The $15 multiple is more more likely, especially since the audience figures for Huffington are likely to fall sharply after the November election.

Douglas A. McIntyre