Media Digest 5/1/2008 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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According to Reuters, bank analysts are concerned that Citigroup’s (C) decision to raise money signals more trouble ahead for banks.

Reuters reports that Starbucks (SBUX) will sharply cut the number of stories it plans to open in the US.

Reuters reports that Paulson says he supports the moves by the Fed.

Reuters writes that the Fed cuts rates by a quarter of a point but may pause now.

Reuters writes that Ebay (EBAY) tried to take a more active role in Craigslist while the online classified site tried to push Ebay out as an owner..

Reuters writes that the head of Activision (ATVI) believes that video console makers will cut prices.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GM’s (GM) results show its turnaround has problems in the US

The Wall Street Journal writes that Microsoft (MSFT) is still undecided about its potential takeover of Yahoo! (YHOO).

The Wall Street Journal writes that AT&T (T) will launch a mobile TV product.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Cablevision (CVC) may make a bid for newpaper Newsday.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Continental (CAL) is in talks with AMR (AMR) and BA about an alliance.

According to The New York Times "The F.D.I.C. proposed permitting the Treasury Department to lend $50 billion directly to as many as a million homeowners to help ease the housing crisis."

The New York Times reports that Adobe (ADBE) plans to give away its Flash software for mobile devices.

The FT writes that Pimco has approached several Wall St. firms about hiring some of the people which they have laid off.

Douglas A. McIntyre