Media Digest 11/11/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

The US has tried to hold together discussions on currency and trade among unruly members of the G20 conference in Seoul. (Reuters)

Cisco’s (NASDAQ: CSCO) grim outlook stunned investors. (Reuters)

The US has begun a policy to weaken the dollar, according to Allan Greenspan (FT)

Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) will offer free shipping of items ordered from its website. (NYT)

The government has begun to examine whether Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Street View collects private data. (Reuters)

The CEO of Hulu said the video site’s revenue doubled this year. (Reuters)

BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) is under pressure to buy back shares now Potash (NYSE: POT) bid is unlikely to succeed (Reuters)

China car company SAIC is close to the purchase of shares in the GM IPO (Reuters)

A key Novartis lung cancer treatment has failed. (WSJ)

Google has begun programs to retain talent which has begun to move to smaller companies (W.SJ)

The heads of a Presidential deficit reduction panel have suggested huge cuts in expenditures, the elimination of some taxes, and a slowdown in payouts from Social Security. (WSJ)

Inflation rose sharply in October which raised concerns that government stimulation has gone too far. (WSJ)

MIT professors have come up with a way to look at millions of prices on the internet to determine inflation in a number of nations. (WSJ)

A Motorola (NYSE: MOT) division filed another patent suit against Microsoft. (NASDAQ: MSFT) (WSJ)

The FDA may require grim warning labels on cigarettes. (WSJ)

The EPA will set broad regulations to being down CO2 emissions. (WSJ)

GM reported a $2 billion profit. (WSJ)

Facebook has begun to get more ads from major marketers who cannot decide the value of that inventory. (WSJ)

China PC company Lenovo’s profits rose 44%. (WSJ)

Bonds issued by Ireland and Portugal came under selling pressure on concerns their deficit problems cannot be fixed. (WSJ)

The CFTC may further regulate the actions of swaps traders. (WSJ)

Hedge funds have begun to look at the purchase of troubled bank assets. (NYT)

China continues to halt exports of rare metals to Japan. (NYT)

A deficit reduction panel plans to cut US read ink by $4 trillion. (FT)

China’s inflation hit a 25 month high. (FT)

Copper prices hit a record. (FT)

Price increases have helped US car maker profits. (FT)

The UK rejected calls from the IMF to change spending cuts if the economy falls into recession (Bloomberg)

Ireland’s debt problem may cause the need for a bailout (Bloomberg)

Philips will compete with GE (NYSE: GE) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) for remote transfer of medical records. (Bloomberg)

Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) sales in Latin America lead Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone sales because of their instant message capability. (Bloomberg)

Douglas A. McIntyre