With 1,462 Tom Brady Jerseys on eBay, Which One to Pick?

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The Houston Police major crime force has started a search for New England’s Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey. It was stolen, presumably, by someone close to the star as he moved from the field of Houston’s NRG Stadium to a press conference. Brady joked he might be able to find the jersey on eBay. Experts in memorabilia believe the jersey could be worth $500,000. The problem with searching for the jersey on the auction site is that there are 1,462 of them for sale there.

eBay, full of legitimate products (and sometimes junk and fake goods) has such a large inventory of products and services for sale across all its categories, it is a wonder that anything is easy to find. The Brady jersey section runs from ones for young children to those the sellers claim are autographed. Some of the autographed versions cost over $2,000. One listing is for a jersey that was autographed on the field at Super Bowl 39, which was held in Jacksonville’s EverBank Field in 2005. New England did win that title. However, it is hard to believe Brady autographed a jersey on the field. He was, among other things, probably too busy.

Oddly, the least expensive Brady jersey on eBay is $0.99, and it claims to be the “Stolen Missing Tom Brady patriots Game Super Bowl Jersey Steelers $:)” The smiley face probably means it is not real. It is also “used,” so few people may want it.

The most expensive Brady jersey on eBay is offered for $5,500. It is a “New England Patriots Tom Brady Authentic Reebok Away Jersey Men’s Sz 58.” As of this writing, the time left to bid is 20 hours and 24 minutes. It will be sent via “Standard Shipping.” The seller will take PayPal or any major credit card.

If Brady wants to find his jersey, eBay is not the place, if the jersey is indeed worth $500,000.