Brady Makes $2.25 Million for Playoffs, Super Bowl

When Tom Brady joined the Tamp Bay Buccaneers, he was not that highest paid quarterback in the league. That title went to Patrick Mahomes, who Brady just beat in Super Bowl LV, who got a $450 million, 10-year deal from Kansas City. However, each quarterback has incentives in his contract, and Brady earned $2.25 million of those incentives as he reached the playoffs, the Super Bowl, and then won it all.

Brady’s base package is for $50 million over two years. However, there is a tiered bonus structure, according to Spotrac. The research firm reports the contract works this way: $500,000 for a playoff berth, $750,000 for wild card win, $1.25 million for NFC Championship, $1.75 million for reaching Super Bowl and $2.25 million for Super Bowl win. Brady must play 75% of the minutes in those games.

Another player makes more than Brady, and it is the man who backed him up in New England. According to CNBC, describing Brady’s $50 million deal, broken into its two years: “That’s a few million less than the highest-paid player in Super Bowl LIV, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who earned $27.5 million last season.”

Brady also makes money on endorsements, but it is not clear that these packages carry any victory bonuses.  NBC Sports puts the endorsement figure at $12 million. Forbes confirms that figure. Forbes also reports that, despite the fact that he may never have been the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, his time with the New England Patriots was lucrative. “His total earnings over two decades in New England were an estimated $350 million, including the $235 million the Patriots paid him in salaries and bonuses.” It has been rumored for years that Brady would forgo the maximum he might have been paid so New England could bring in the players it would need to make runs at the playoffs. If so, it seems to have worked.

The pay question regarding Brady is not for next season. His contract remains the same. If, however, he plays until he is 45, or older, as he plans to, he may be able to ask for a huge raise for the following year, particularly if he reaches his 10th Super Bowl and wins it.

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