As Tom Brady Receives MVP Award, A Win For His Sponsors

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the powerful New England Patriots, the winner of more Super Bowls than any other person to play at his position, the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl, and the man who passed for the most yards in the season which is just ending, won the NFL MVP award–for the third time. The few companies for which he does endorsements just got another lift in exposure and the benefits of their relationship with Brady who is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. The downside of more visibility for Brady is that, although he is beloved by millions of fans, he is loathed by millions of others.

Among Brady’s major endorsements is one with ultra-high-end car maker Aston Martin. The UK based company sold only 5,117 cars last year. Some of its models sell for over $200,000.

On a less rarefied level, Brady endorses Tag Hauer watches. The watches are at the lower end of the luxury market. Most models sell between $1,500 and $10,000.

Brady also endorses some very inexpensive products. He sponsors Ugg which makes inexpensive boots, shoes, slippers. Most sell for between $150 and $250. Brady says he wears their slippers because they are so comfortable

The most mass market products Brady endorses are Under Armour (NYSE: UA) athletic gear products. Brady has special pajamas made by Under Armour, and he wears some of their gear during games. The UA logo is visible, for instance, on the gloves he uses during games and will wear during the Super Bowl.

Brady’s popularity extends to NFL products. Most weeks, he has the top-selling jersey among all of the league’s players.

The good side of Brady’s virtual omnipresence in the world of sports is that everyone who loves the New England Patriots and their greatest star may buy his pajamas or his slippers. Almost none of those fans can buy an Aston Martin.

And, then there is the army of people who hate Brady. Some hate him because he has defeated their teams so often. Others hate him because he is tall and handsome. Some think he is a cheater who takes air out of footballs to make them easier to throw. He received a four-game suspension last year because the league was convinced he engineered a ball deflation system. Some people don’t like a winner.

Brady just got more attention for his sponsors because he is the NFL’s new MVP. And they will get another jolt as he plays in the Super Bowl, whether it helps them sell their products, or not.