Brady’s Endorsements of Under Armour and UGGs Big Super Bowl Winners

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Tom Brady is not the endorsement machine that Peyton Manning is. Manning seems to be in half of all TV commercials. However, the brands Brady endorses won nearly as big as the all-time best quarterback, the New England Patriots and coaching genius Bill Belichick as they closed the deal to win the Super Bowl with a massive comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Brady’s biggest marketing partnerships are with UGG, Under Armour, Movado, Glaceau Smartwater and Beautyrest.

Under Armour Inc. (NYSE: UA) is the brand that needs Brady the most. He has been shown in commercials wearing their pajamas. The athletic wear company, the hottest competitor in the industry by far for several years, was trounced by the stock market as it posted mediocre earnings recently. Its shares were crushed by 25% in one day. They currently trade at $18.25, near a 52-week low and against a high of $46.53. This drop has not helped Brady. He took most of his endorsement deal in stock.

UGG is Brady’s most improbable endorsement deal. The comfortable slippers hardly fit with Brady’s tough guy image. He mostly wears their house slippers, a product more likely to be worn around the house by older people who need comfortable shoes. For promotional purposes, he recently hid three pairs of his used UGG slippers around Boston. Each pair was autographed. The odd promotion worked, as it got plenty of national attention.

Many top-tier celebrities have a watch endorsement. George Clooney has a deal with Omega. Rolex has Roger Federer. Track star Usain Bolt endorses ultra-expensive Hublot. Brady has picked a more downscale watch than these people have. His deal with Movado is for a collection that mostly has price points in the high hundreds of dollars.

Glaceau Smartwater is owned by Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO). It competes in a market with several other well-known brands in the drink category, such as Fiji, Perrier and Evian.

Finally, Brady has to sleep sometime, although it would seem he does nothing but practice and watch films. If he sleeps on the mattress he endorses, it is a Beautyrest. He is primarily used to Beautyrest Black, with its “breathable technology” and foam that conducts heat away from the body. The Black series has prices as high as $4,999. Brady, at least, can afford one.

Forbes has put Brady’s annual endorsement income at $7 million a year. The sponsors who make up the payments for that just got a lift they could never have expected.