Fears of a second wave of the pandemic have hit Disney and other stocks even as theme parks are set to reopen.
Roku adds new channels to attract viewers and a new shopper data feature to attract advertisers.
The antitrust push against Facebook and other tech giants may be gaining steam but investors don’t seem too worried.
A tool that partners can embed in their apps could give Snap a new revenue stream and more upside for its stock.
Roku is launching a targeted advertising program that could differentiate it from rivals in the crowded streaming space.
Analysts see some magic in Disney stock as resorts and theme parks reopen and NBA resumes play.
Recent Facebook stock price movements represent the uncertainty surrounding the stock, as the social media giant addresses attacks from inside and outside the company.
As the country reopens for business Roku may be lagging because it’s a stay-at-home stock.
Facebook, under fire over President Trump’s posts, will label foreign state content. Do investors care?
Being in the on-site movie theater business is a crummy place to be during a pandemic. That is right where AMC Entertainment happens to be
Genius Brands shares have gone parabolic over the past week. The company is launching its new Kartoon Channel, which will be available to over 100 million U.S. television households and 200 million...
Movie theater operator AMC Entertainment says that it may not be able to operate as a "going concern" because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. What happens if all its screens go dark?
Mark Zuckerberg won’t remove or add warning labels to posts by President Trump, and that may be an issue for some advertisers, users and employees.
Snap reportedly is preparing to offer a stripped-down version of its platform that partners can embed in their own apps. Could this give the stock the shot in the arm that Wall Street is looking for?
While Wedbush issued the first and most aggressive price target on Zynga on Monday after the acquisition news, other Wall Street firms are trying to play catch-up on their targets and expectations.