The Nine Best Deals To Buy The Freshest Food

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Americans often say they eat unhealthy foods because the healthy alternatives are more expensive. For consumers willing to put in a little bit of effort, however, healthy, fresh foods are inexpensive and available.

One reason people equate eating healthily with eating expensively is the high markups on natural and organic foods at many large supermarkets. “The larger chain natural-food stores like Whole Foods entice customers with beautifully displayed foods and locavore claims, but their prices aren’t always equally enticing,” says Kate Forgach, a food and nutrition specialist at “With rising food prices, it pays to think outside the box and consider alternative sources that truly offer healthy, locally grown foods that often are more flavorful.”

There are a number of ways that people can buy fresh food without overspending. Some farms allow customers to pick their own produce. Though it takes a little more effort and time, the food is less expensive and fresher. Joining a buying club, where people pool their resources to collectively buy food in bulk, provides families and individuals with the opportunity to pay highly reduced prices for all types of food. Changing one’s shopping habits can also cut down on external costs, such as gas, impulse buying, and the costs brought on by food waste. And as this food remains fresher longer, due to the small amount of time it takes to get from farm to costumer, consumers might even save more money.

24/7 Wall St. worked with to produce a list of the nine best places to buy healthy food. The list includes places to purchase produce, meat, dairy, and even beer. Maintaining a healthy diet does not have to be expensive. Eating well can actually save people money; they just need to know where to look.