Special Report

Cars So Hot They're Out of Stock

10. Range Rover Sport
> Make:
Land Rover
> Avg. days to turn: 22.4
> 2014-2015 sales change: +19.9%
> MSRP: $64,950

In 2016, gas prices across the country hit their lowest point in eight years. With falling prices, SUVs have gained popularity. The Range Rover Sport, an SUV that gets a relatively low combined 19 mpg, is one of the fastest-selling cars in the country, remaining on the lot for an average 22 days in 2015 before being sold. While many of the fastest selling cars are relatively new, the Range Rover Sport was released a decade ago and is still in its first generation.

9. Macan
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 21.6
> 2014-2015 sales change: +86.9%
> MSRP: $47,500

Macan made its debut in 2014. That year, Porsche sold 7,241 units. The following year, sales of the crossover SUV nearly doubled and the Macan became Porsche’s fastest-selling vehicle. Macans sat on dealers lots for an average of only 22 days before being sold in 2015. The Macan is a slightly less expensive cousin of the Cayenne, the only other crossover SUV sold by the German automaker.

8. GLE
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 21.5
> 2014-2015 sales change: N/A
> Starting MSRP: $51,100

One-third of the fastest selling vehicles were introduced in 2015, and the GLE is one of them. Across the country, Mercedes-Benz dealerships kept the luxury SUV on the lot for an average of only 22 days, more time than only a handful of other makes and models. Demand for the GLE coincides with the re-surging popularity of SUVs, due in large part to lower gas prices. The GLE only gets 18 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway.

7. 4Runner
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 20.8
> 2014-2015 sales change: +26.2%
> Starting MSRP: $33,810

Gas prices hit an eight year low in 2016 following a long-term downward trend beginning in 2014. One consequence of lower fuel prices has been a resurgence in popularity of vehicles with relatively low mpg ratings. SUVs comprise more than a third of the fastest selling vehicles, and the Toyota 4Runner is one of them. Toyota sold 97,034 4Runners in 2015, up more than 26% from the year before.

6. Metris
> Make:
> Avg. days to turn: 20.2
> 2014-2015 sales change: N/A
> Starting MSRP: $28,950/ $32,500

Mercedes-Benz is known primarily as a luxury brand, but not all of its vehicles are exceedingly expensive. The brand-new Metris, the van the company introduced in 2015, costs relatively little compared to most Mercedes with an MSRP of $28,950 for the cargo version and $32,500 for the passenger van. The Metris only went on sale in October, which partly explains why the models sold in 2015 spent such a low average time on the lot.