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18 Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

Xerox, Making Photo Copies
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12. Office machine operators, except computer
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -16.6%
> 2014 jobs: 69,600
> 2024 jobs: 58,000
> Median annual wage: $29,010

Office machine operators can have a number of responsibilities. Copy technicians, copy center operators, and print center specialists are all examples of office machine operators. As more industries shift to digital platforms, office machine operators are becoming an antiquated field. By 2024, the number of people employed in the occupation is expected to decrease by 16.6%.

Man reading power meter
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11. Meter readers, utilities
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -18.0%
> 2014 jobs: 37,400
> 2024 jobs: 30,600
> Median annual wage: $38,510

As utility companies upgrade their infrastructure, there will be less of a need for meters to be read manually. Computers today can monitor electric and gas meters remotely from a central location, and this means there will be less of a need for a utilities employee to be on location. By 2024, employment in the field is projected to decline 18%.

projectionist at work in the room
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10. Motion picture projectionists
> Projected loss 2014-2024: -18.2%
> 2014 jobs: 6,700
> 2024 jobs: 5,500
> Median annual wage: $21,490

With only 6,700 people employed in the profession, motion picture projectionists are one of the most uncommon jobs in the United States. This number is expected to drop much lower in the coming years. By 2024, the BLS projects an 18.2% decrease in the number of such jobs. Like many other jobs with a declining footprint in the U.S. economy, movie projection no longer requires a human’s supervision.