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Lowest Paying Jobs for College Grads

social science research assistant
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8. Social science research assistants
> Median annual wage: $42,480
> 2014 jobs: 32,000
> Projected job chg.: +5.6%

Social science research assistants help social scientists conduct their research, either in the laboratory or in the field. Analyzing survey data and social trends requires skills usually obtained only over the course of a college degree. But while the median annual wage of $42,480 for social science research assistants is well above the median for all occupations, it is not especially high for the level of education and training required.

Biological Technician
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7. Biological technicians
> Median annual wage: $41,650
> 2014 jobs: 79,300
> Projected job chg.: +5.2%

Science, technology, engineering, and math occupations — STEM — are widely considered the most valued fields for employers and employees. Biological technicians are also frequently employed in a laboratory and analyze organic substances like blood, food and drugs. However, these workers may be the exception among STEM employees within the group, as workers in this profession are paid relatively little when compared to other employed college graduates in the field.

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6. Education, training, and library workers, all other
> Median annual wage: $40,380
> 2014 jobs: 124,000
> Projected job chg.: +7.4%

Like other education-related professions, education, training, and library workers are typically required to complete at least a bachelor’s degree. The typical wage of $40,380 is relatively low when compared to other jobs that require such high levels of education. On the other hand, the job is projected to grow relatively fast. The number of people employed in such positions is expected to grow by 7.4% over the next decade, faster than the projected growth of 6.5% for all occupations.