Those who believe global warming is not real only need to look at record temperatures that have been posted around the world this week. It was 104 degrees F in London. Most of Europe had record...
This small state has the biggest share of structurally deficient bridges, according to a 24/7 Wall St. analysis.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that this populous midwestern state has the most nuclear power plants.
A 24/7 Tempo analysis reveals that the most visited local park in the United States is Central Park in New York City.
The oldest bridge still in use is in Argolis, Greece, according to a 24/7 Tempo analysis.
A recent analysis reveals that this Great Plains state has the largest number of charging states per electric vehicle.
A recent analysis reveals that this midwestern state has the most dangerous bridges.
The Forbes Bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed just before President Biden made a trip to the city during which he talked about the need to upgrade America’s infrastructure. The Bipartisan...
No one person created the city park system if it can be called a “system” at all. In the period just before and after the Civil War, many of the best-known parks in the country were...
A recent analysis reveals that New Jersey has the worst highways in America.
The wild back-and-forth swings in the market at these nosebleed levels seem to indicate that some rough sledding could be coming our way. Getting some safety into portfolios now makes good sense.
A recent analysis reveals that this rust belt city has the highest utility bills in the country.
A recent analysis reveals that drivers in the United Arab Emirates spend more time in traffic than those anywhere else in the world.
Monument Lab and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation have created a National Monument Audit. The researcher who wrote the report looked at over 50,000 “conventional” monuments in the 50 states and...
A recent analysis reveals that there are more Abraham Lincoln monuments in America than those dedicated to anyone else.