Special Report

Retailers Hiring the Most for the Holidays

Source: radial.com

9. Radial
> 2016 seasonal hires: 20,000
> 2015 seasonal hires: N/A
> Total employees: 7,000
> U.S. stores: N/A

By far the least well-known company on this list, Radial is still an important part of the holiday shopping season, and will expand its workforce accordingly. Radial, a company out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, deals with company logistics and runs a number of distribution centers for retailers. Radial says it will add about 20,000 employees this holiday shopping season, tripling its workforce overnight.

According to the company, Radial’s peak business period begins as early as September. The company will add employees in the United States, Canada, the U.K., and Germany for the holidays.

8. Party City (NYSE: PRTY)
> 2016 seasonal hires: 35,000
> 2015 seasonal hires: 10,000
> Total employees: 18,231
> U.S. stores: 864

Party City is different from every other company on this list in several important ways. First and foremost, it is the only retailer that is more than doubling its workforce for the holidays. Second, while most companies are hiring to account for increased sales associated with Christmas, Party City bolsters its workforce for Halloween.

The company opened 335 temporary Halloween stores in 2015 in the United States and Canada. Sales from the temporary locations, branded as Halloween City, accounted for roughly a quarter of the company’s total annual revenue — approximately $84 million — in 2015. The company estimates that some 68 million Americans will dress up for Halloween this year and 20 million pet owners will put their pet in a costume.

7. J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP)
> 2016 seasonal hires: 40,000
> 2015 seasonal hires: 30,000
> Total employees: 105,000
> U.S. stores: 1,021

Retail giant J.C. Penney largely depends on holiday season sales. In preparation, the company is hiring 40,000 seasonal workers, equivalent to roughly 38% of its permanent workforce. The vast majority of seasonal hires will work in stores, and roughly 2,000 will be hired to handle online orders.

J.C. Penney hired 10,000 more seasonal workers this year compared to last year. The increase may be the result of less competition from other brick-and-mortar stores. Industry giants such as Macy’s and Kmart have both recently closed stores. However, while Macy’s has shuttered s 36 stores this year, with plans to close 100 more in the coming months, J.C. Penney has only closed seven stores this year.