Special Report

20 Most Popular Stores in America

Detailed Findings and Methodology:

As the nation’s most popular stores, these companies also tend to dominate their respective markets. By revenue, Walmart is the largest retailer; McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain; CVS is the largest pharmacy; and Shell is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

The popularity of these stores may be due in part to the nature of their businesses. Restaurants, convenience stores, and pharmacies are businesses that sell goods consumed with relative frequency. People must eat on a daily basis. Some Americans go to McDonald’s more than once per day. Discount clothing and drugs are also needs that Americans can potentially purchase with regularity.

Price also appears to be a factor in popularity, as more than half of the 20 most trafficked stores are either fast food chains or discount retailers. Placed Insights CEO David Shim has stated that restaurants dominate the list of popular stores primarily not just because of the high frequency of visits, but also because the product is very affordable.

To determine the nation’s most popular stores, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data provided by data service company Placed Insights, which calculated the percentage of Americans 13 and older who visited various stores in April 2017. The shares of men and women visiting these stores also came from Placed Insights. We also reviewed U.S. sales and store count data reported in recent company financial documents. Revenue, profit, and store count figures for Dollar Tree include Family Dollar.