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The Most Commonly Spoken Foreign Languages in Each State

Cheyenne Buckingham

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6. Colorado
> Most popular language: German
> Residents who speak German at home: 24,875
> German-speaking population: 0.5%

German is the most commonly spoken foreign language in 11 states, which makes it the most frequently occurring language on this list. However, even though 24,875 people in Colorado speak German at home, an astonishing 774,022 residents have German ancestry, or 14.2% of the state’s population.

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7. Connecticut
> Most popular language: Polish
> Residents who speak Polish at home: 41,233
> Polish-speaking population: 1.1%

“Come for the food, stay for the people,” is the slogan of the Polish National Home of Hartford, a cultural and social organization created over 85 years ago. The organization helps the Polish-American community in Hartford, Connecticut promote and preserve the Polish culture. Approximately one in 20 Connecticut residents have Polish ancestry.

8. Delaware
> Most popular language: Hindi
> Residents who speak Hindi at home: 5,229
> Hindi-speaking population: 0.6%

Delaware is the lone state that has Hindi as its most commonly spoken foreign language. Hindi is the official language of India, where it is spoken as a first language by approximately 425 million people. Compare that to Delaware, where just over 5,000 people speak the language.

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9. Florida
> Most popular language: French Creole
> Residents who speak French Creole at home: 435,489
> French Creole-speaking population: 2.1%

Florida is not only the Sunshine State, but also the only state that has French Creole is its top foreign language. Unlike most states, the number of people who speak the most common foreign language in Florida is greater than the number of people with Creole ancestry. Only 1,709 people have documented Creole ancestry, despite the large group of 435,489 residents speaking the French variety at home.

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10. Georgia
> Most popular language: Korean
> Residents who speak Korean at home: 46,997
> Korean-speaking population: 0.5%

Georgia stands alone with Korean as its most popular foreign language. The 55,543 people in Georgia with Korean ancestry is in line with the 46,997 state residents who currently speak Korean at home.