100 Most Valuable Brands in the World

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Samsung, Coca-Cola, Honda — these are just a few of the brands familiar to consumers around the world. As intangible assets, brand names can be highly valuable, worth millions and billions of dollars.

Brand valuations are generally based on three factors: how well a brand is known, how well it is regarded, and how much it contributes to the parent company’s financial success. Most of the brands on the 24/7 Wall St. “100 Most Valuable Brands In The World” list exhibit strength across all of these categories.

The majority of the 100 brands are household names in America. Tens of millions of consumers in the United States either use or own products of all of the brands at the very top of the most valuable brands list — like Apple, Facebook, and Google. These brands also generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for their parent companies each year.

Some companies are synonymous with their brands. McDonald’s, with a brand valuation of $41.5 billion is an example of this. The fast food company does not have any other major brands.

However, brands and companies are not interchangeable terms — and companies often own more than one brand on this list. For example, the Volkswagen Group flagship brand, Volkswagen, is worth $11.5 billion. Its Audi luxury brand is worth $12.0 billion. Its Porsche ultra-luxury brand is worth $10.1 billion. Coca-Cola, the fourth most valuable brand on the list at $69.7 billion is owned by The Coca-Cola Company, which also owns more than a dozen other brands, including Sprite, Fresca, and vitaminwater.

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