Special Report

Best and Worst Car Launches of 2017

Source: ford.com

1. Ford GT
> Avg. monthly sales: 8.0 units
> Best sales month: November (16 units)
> Total 2017 sales: 80 units
> MSRP: $400,000

Since shipping the first units to dealerships in February, Ford sold just 80 GTs in the U.S. market through the end of November. Considering the vehicle’s $400,000 sticker price, low sales volume should not be a surprise. Very few people can actually afford the car, and Ford expects to build only 1,000 units.

The street-legal supercar boasts 647 horsepower, can go from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and can hit an eye-popping top speed of 216 mph. Unlike the other cars on this list, the new GT is a reintroduction of a retired nameplate. The GT had an initial production run from 2004 to 2006 and was priced at a relatively reasonable $140,000.

Source: kia.com

2. Kia Stinger
> Avg. monthly sales: 17.0 units
> Best sales month: November (17 units)
> Total 2017 sales: 17 units
> MSRP: $31,900

The Stinger is the latest 2017 release on this list. Kia did not begin shipping the all-new Stinger to dealership lots until November. A sports sedan, the Stinger is the Korean automaker’s attempt to gain market share in a segment dominated by European carmakers.

Targeting a relatively niche market, the Stinger likely will not rank among Kia’s most popular models in 2017. The Optima, Soul, and Forte were the only Kia models to top 100,000 unit sales in the U.S. market between January and November 2017. Sedans, crossovers, and compact cars have wider appeal, and each of the three most popular Kia models come with starting sticker prices at least $9,000 below the Stinger.

Source: volvocars.com

3. Volvo V90
> Avg. monthly sales: 22.9 units
> Best sales month: July (47 units)
> Total 2017 sales: 160 units
> MSRP: $49,950

Known for its iconic station wagons, Volvo introduced an all-new station wagon to its lineup in 2017. In recent decades, station wagons have lost favor with American motorists who increasingly appear to prefer sport utility vehicles. The Swedish automaker has apparently not given up on those looking for the practicality, comfort, and safety station wagons have come to represent. Volvo began selling the V90 in the United States in the summer of 2017. Whether or not the car resonates with American drivers remains to be seen.

Source: honda.com

4. Honda Clarity
> Avg. monthly sales: 93.6 units
> Best sales month: November (464 units)
> Total 2017 sales: 1,030 units
> MSRP: $33,400

The Clarity is the latest edition to Japanese automaker Honda’s U.S. lineup. Appealing to environmentally conscious motorists, the Clarity series consists of a plug-in hybrid model, a fuel cell model, and a fully electric option. As recently as July, the fully electric edition was the only Clarity model available. With the other editions now available too, sales of the Clarity fleet spiked in November, hitting nearly 500 units.

Honda sells some of the most popular vehicles in the United States. The Accord, Civic, and CR-V each sold over 300,000 units between January and November 2017 — a sales threshold very few models reached.