These Names Are Trending on the East Coast

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Selecting a name for a child can be as simple as selecting a name the parents like. For other parents, the name may be the product of family tradition, an homage to one’s ethnicity, or an attempt at attaching a unique quality to the newborn.

The baby names trending higher on the East Coast reflect the diversity of the region — the ethnically varied blue states in the Northeast along with the more traditional red states located in the South.

Baby names Emma and Olivia top the list on the East Coast, as they do in the West, and names such as Liam, Noah, and Isabella populate the top ranks on both sides of the country. But the paths diverge farther down the list of the top-trending names on the East Coast.

To help explain these naming patterns, 24/7 Wall St. used data obtained from the Social Security Administration to compile a list of the top 25 names trending higher on the East Coast.

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