Special Report

50 Most Famous Actresses


To determine the 50 most famous actresses, 24/7 Wall St. developed an index based on Wikipedia page views over the last year and the number of reviews for films and television shows in which they have starred. The number of Wikipedia page views was tallied for each actress for the one-year period leading up to Aug. 1 of this year. This timeframe best reflects which actresses are currently the most popular as opposed to those who may have been extremely popular at one time and since faded from the public view. We took into account the total number of IMDb user reviews for films and television series each actress has starred in. To be considered one of the film’s stars, actresses must be listed among the first four actors and actresses under a respective film or television series’ star listing.

To be considered for the list, each actress also had to appear in the top 2,500 rankings on IMDb’s STARmeter.