The Best and Worst Thing About Each State

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Best: highest health insurance coverage

At 97.2%, Massachusetts has a higher share of residents with health insurance than anywhere else in the country.

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Worst: Boston sports fans

Some may find Boston sports fans insufferable because their professional teams win frequently. It’s about to get worse. The Red Sox have already won 100 games and have their sights set on winning the World Series. The Patriots are primed to extend their streak of consecutive winning seasons to an NFL-record of 18 wins.

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Best: Great Lakes

Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes, and has miles of beautiful shoreline to visit.

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Worst: Detroit and Flint, the two worst cities to live in

According to a 24/7 Wall St. index of crime, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure, and leisure, Detroit and Flint are the worst cities in the U.S. to reside in.

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Best: lowest premature mortality

Minnesota residents are the most likely to live into old age, with a U.S.-low premature mortality rate. Just 263 state residents per 100,000 die before turning 75.

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Worst: lowest average winter temperatures

In the land of 10,000 lakes, you can bet almost all of them are frozen in winter. Minnesota has the lowest annual average temperature in the contiguous United States.

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Best: Mississippi Delta, birthplace of the blues

Many American genres owe their origins to the blues, which were developed in the Mississippi River delta.

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Worst: highest poverty rate

Those who live in Mississippi are more likely to be impoverished than residents of any other state. Some 19.8% of state residents earn incomes at or below the poverty line..

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Best: Kansas City and St. Louis Barbecue

Folks in Kansas City and St. Louis will put their barbecue up against offerings from Texas or North Carolina.

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Worst: flooding

Author Mark Twain immortalized life on the Mississippi River, but for MIssouri residents, the waterway can be deadly. Some of the worst floods in American history are due to the Mississippi’s fury.