The Best Statistic About Each State

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Source: GRAZVYDAS / Getty Images

Oklahoma: $58

The lottery can be a dangerous addiction, and many spend a major portion of their paycheck on it. This appears to be less of a problem in Oklahoma. Those who buy tickets spend $58 per person on average each year, the second lowest per person spending.

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Oregon: 6.3%

Just 6.3% of Oregon’s babies are born with low birthweight, the lowest share in the lower 48 states and well below the 8.0% of babies born with a low birth weight nationwide.

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Pennsylvania: 22.1 years

The median duration of a marriage in Pennsylvania is 22.1 years, one of the longest of any state. In the U.S., the typical marriage lasts less than 20 years.

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Rhode Island: 12.2%

Just 12.2% of Rhode Island adults do not currently have a personal doctor, the lowest share of any state. Nationally, 22.5% of U.S. adults do not have a doctor.

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South Carolina: 0.19%

Just 0.19% of South Carolina’s residents 12 and up report using heroin, the lowest share of any state.