The Best Statistic About Each State

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Source: artisteer / Getty Images

Alabama: 11.2%

According to a SmartAsset study, 11.2% of businesses in Alabama are owned by military veterans, the highest share among all states.

Source: michaelquirk / Getty Images

Alaska: $1,100

Alaskans received $1,100 in 2017 as part of the state’s Permanent Fund Dividend program.

Source: screamingmonkey / Flickr

Arizona: 6.2 million visitors

6.2 million people visited Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park in 2017, making the iconic American landmark the second most visited National Park in the country.

Source: nurdanst / Getty Images

Arkansas: 9.5 per 100,000

In 2017, 9.5 out of every 1,000 Arkansas residents got married, the third highest marriage rate nationwide.

Source: adamkaz / Getty Images

California: 80.9 years

Life expectancy at birth in California is 80.9 years, the longest life expectancy of any state in the continental U.S.