Special Report

The Most Threatened Animals in Every State

Source: Bernard DUPONT / Flickr & U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region / Flickr

21. Massachusetts
> Most threatened animal(s): Plymouth Redbelly Turtle (pseudemys rubriventris bangsi), Hawksbill Sea Turtle (eretmochelys imbricata)

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Source: Mac Strand / Wikimedia Commons & P. Burton / US Fish and Wildlife Service

22. Michigan
> Most threatened animal(s): Hungerford’s Crawling Water Beetle (brychius hungerfordi), Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly (somatochlora hineana)

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Source: Vince Cavelieri / Hollingsworth, J & K / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Wikimedia Commons

23. Minnesota
> Most threatened animal(s): Karner Blue Butterfly (lycaeides melissa samuelis), Piping Plover (charadrius melodus)

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Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region / Wikimedia Commons & Environmental Management Division / U.S. Army

24. Mississippi
> Most threatened animal(s): Mississippi Sandhill Crane (grus canadensis pulla), Dusky Gopher Frog (rana sevosa)

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Source: David Ashley (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) / Wikimedia Commons & Brad Probst / Missouri Department of Conservation

25. Missouri
> Most threatened animal(s): Tumbling Creek Cavesnail (antrobia culveri), Grotto Sculpin (cottus specus)

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