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20 Places Hit Hardest by This Spring's Record Flooding

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11. North Fork Elkhorn River

Like other areas of the Missouri River Basin, major flooding events are expected along the North Fork Elkhorn River in Nebraska this spring. Last month, the National Weather Service office in Omaha, Nebraska issued a flood warning for the North Fork of the Elkhorn River. The Elkhorn and Loup rivers are the main tributaries of the Platte River.

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12. Logan Creek of the lower Elkhorn River

Logan Creek of the lower Elkhorn River is another portion of the Platte River, and NOAA is predicting major flooding events there this spring. The Northern Plains states have an above normal snowpack, and the flood risk is expected to stay relatively high for the region this spring. A recent spring flood outlook report by the National Weather Service listed Shell Creek and Logan Creek at “much-above-normal” risk for flooding.

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13. Lower Niobrara River

Lower Niobrara River, also located in Nebraska, is forecast to have major flooding this spring, according to NOAA. The village of Niobrara is the headquarters of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. Niobrara is a Native American word meaning “running water.” It is a tributary of the Missouri River and flows for about 568 miles through Wyoming and Nebraska. In March, floodwaters from the river tore through a dam and unleashed water and chunks of ice onto fields.

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14. Portions of the Middle Platte

Portions of the Middle Platte River in Nebraska are forecast to have major flooding this spring. The northern Plains state experienced above average snowpack this year, which has elevated flood risk in the region throughout the spring. Complicating things in the region, the soil was still frozen and unable to absorb water from rain or runoff.

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15. Nishnabotna River basins

Major flooding this spring is expected for the Nishnabotna River basins in Nebraska. The area experienced flood episodes in 1972, 1982 and 1987. And with above-normal snowpack this year in the northern Plains states, flood risk is elevated in 2019. There are East and West Nishnabotna rivers that each flow 120 miles.