100 Surprising Facts About JFK

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Source: The U.S. National Archives

JFK’s favorite pet in the White House was a Welsh Terrier called “Jack’s dog.” Jackie gave the dog to JFK during the presidential campaign.

Source: Pexels

His interest in history and government was intensified by a trip to England in 1937.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His father was recalled as U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom in 1940 after he publicly expressed doubts that the British could defeat Germany.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He wrote his senior thesis on why Great Britain was unprepared for war titled “Why England Slept.’’

Source: Owen1985 / Wikimedia Commons

He tried to join the U.S. Army in April 1941 but was rejected because of his back injury.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

JFK joined the Navy after graduating from Harvard. He worked in the Navy’s intelligence branch.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he requested active service and was made a lieutenant and sent to the Pacific theater of war.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

He was made commander of PT 109, a patrol torpedo boat that was later sliced in two near Solomon Islands by a Japanese destroyer.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kennedy swam 3.5 miles to an island with a wounded sailor on his back after PT 109 was sunk.

Source: Pixabay

When two islanders found the crew, Kennedy etched a hidden message in a coconut that the islanders, at great peril, got to an Australian coastwatcher.