Special Report

These Are the Top 15 Foods on the Rise for 2020

Source: Courtesy of Panera Bread

10. Broccoli cheddar soup
> Percentage increase over 2018: 640%

One of two soups on this list, this popular potage answers the age-old parental question of how you get the kids to eat some broccoli: Mix it with a lot of cheese. The tactic obviously works for grown-ups too.

9. French toast
> Percentage increase over 2018: 750%

This one is a surprise, not because it’s a breakfast dish (breakfast deliveries are common) but because — unlike waffles, which are crisper, for instance — it seems like something that would go limp shortly after coming off the griddle. That apparently doesn’t matter when folks are hungry for an old-fashioned morning meal, though.

Source: EzumeImages / Getty Images

8. Create your own sushi roll
> Percentage increase over 2018: 902%

DoorDash reports that an overwhelming 96% of its customers customize their orders one way or another. While “make your own pizza” was the fourth-most-popular food ordered this year, “create your own sushi roll” was the one that grew the most dramatically in popularity.

7. Fried fish sandwiches
> Percentage increase over 2018: 1,030%

Maybe it’s the perception that fish is healthier than burgers (McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, for instance, weighs in at 390 calories versus 563 for a Big Mac) or maybe it’s just that siren-song word “fried,” but no other type of sandwich showed anywhere near this kind of popularity growth this year.

6. Tortilla soup
> Percentage increase over 2018: 1,130%

Orders of Mexican food overall increased by 314% this year, with half of the 10 most popular foods delivered belonging to that category — but diners are apparently particularly interested in this classic soup.