Special Report

Countries With the Oldest Leaders

John Harrington, Grant Suneson

Voters around the world have no trouble entrusting their nation’s destiny to leaders who would normally be collecting their pension. Donald Trump is the oldest man to become president of the United States — he was 70 in 2016. But Trump is not the oldest leader in the world.

To find the countries with the oldest leaders, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the age of the head of government in every country in the world. We then used source material from the BBC.com, britannica.com, and worldpresidentsdb.com to find out more about the leaders.

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Most of the nations led by those 70 years old and over are in Asia and Africa. And with very few exceptions, these leaders are men. In many countries, female leadership represents a generational shift. These are the countries currently led by a woman

One of the oldest leaders on the list is also among the longest-serving prime ministers in the world, becoming PM 49 years ago.