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Counties in Every State With Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases

As states have begun to reopen their economies, many Americans have been lulled into, what seems to be, a false sense of security. In 22 states — including Arizona where average daily infections are up nearly 90% in a week, and Texas, which recently reported a record high in single-day hospitalizations — cases of COVID-19 are on the rise. 

The new hotspots may point to a shift in the virus’s concentration from densely-populated states in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic to more rural, Southern states. Here is a list of the states where the virus is growing the fastest.

Still, in nearly every state — even in those where the number of known cases per capita has remained low — there are local hotspots where the total number of diagnosed cases per capita is approaching or well exceeding the national figure. As of June 8, there have been 599 cases of the virus for every 100,000 people nationwide.

Using COVID-19 data from state and local health departments, and population data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed COVID-19 cases in over 3,000 U.S. county and county equivalents to determine the county in each state with the most cumulative confirmed cases, adjusted to the population. In the counties on this list, the prevalence of the disease ranges from 73 cases per 100,000 people to more than 14,000 cases per 100,000. Data in every state is current as of June 8, with the exception of Connecticut, where state-level data is as of June 7. 

With no vaccine, the most effective virus containment tool we have at our disposal is social distancing. It is therefore no coincidence that many of the counties on this list are home to places where social distancing is difficult, if not impossible. These places include prisons — such as those in Colorado’s Logan County and Tennessee’s Trousdale County — and industrial plants, such as the JBS meat plants in Nobles County, Minnesota and Moore County, Texas. Here are every state’s rules for reopening and social distancing

The incubation period of the virus can be as long as 14 days. As a result, potential exposure to the virus from any number of the anti-racism protests spread across 140 U.S. cities in recent days are not yet likely factored into the uptick of new cases already being reported in much of the country.

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