Special Report

Tallest Proposed Buildings in the World

Source: Rendering courtesy of Asian Skylines via Facebook

9. Thai Boon Roong Twin Tower World Trade Center 2, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
> Proposed height: 1,843 ft
> Population of Phnom Penh in 2020: 2,129,371

The twin towers of Phnom Penh’s new World Trade Center are symbols of Cambodia’s bid to become a modern multinational business center. They will be the first world-class office buildings in the capital.

Source: Hyundai Motor Group / Wikimedia Commons

8. Hyundai Global Business Center, Seoul, Korea, South
> Proposed height: 1,867 ft
> Population of Seoul in 2020: 21,794,000

This proposed landmark building in Seoul will feature a concert hall, hotel, international offices, and a convention center. Although Hyundai originally aimed for 115 stories, the building is now slated to be 105 stories and will be South Korea’s tallest building.

Source: Courtesy of ECADI

7. Baoneng Binhu Center T1, Hefei, China
> Proposed height: 1,929 ft
> Population of Hefei in 2020: 7,457,027

Baoneng Binhu Center T1 will be the tallest in a set of seven adjacent, nearly identical buildings of increasing height, the shortest of which began construction in 2016. Dubbed the Magnificent Seven, the towers will be arranged in a semi-circle around a lake.

Source: Courtesy of PLP Architecture

6. Nexus Tower, Shenzhen, China
> Proposed height: 1,952 ft
> Population of Shenzhen in 2020: 15,929,000

Designed by PLP Architecture, the Nexus Tower will feature three interlocking structures that are rotated to give the appearance of a propeller. The center will house a performing arts complex as well as retail spaces, a hotel, and multiple bridges and observation decks.

Source: Courtesy of PTLM

5. Tradewinds Square Tower A, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
> Proposed height: 1,995 ft
> Population of Kuala Lumpur in 2020: 8,285,000

This proposed office building in Malaysia’s capital, originally announced in 2011, would reach nearly 2,000 feet, adding to a growing skyline that consists of 5 other buildings over 1,000 feet with even more under construction.