Special Report

Tallest Proposed Buildings in the World

Source: Rendering courtesy of SAN, DZI via EID Architecture

14. Shimao Fuzhou Tower, Fuzhou, China
> Proposed height: 1,699 ft
> Population of Fuzhou in 2020: 5,245,000

This riverfront skyscraper designed by EID Architecture will house offices, a hotel, a museum, and seven levels of retail space. The conceptual architecture will feature a column that twists in the middle and tapers toward the top of the building.

Source: WEIMING_CHEN / Getty Images

13. Wanda One, Xi’an, China
> Proposed height: 1,703 ft
> Population of Xi’an in 2020: 7,135,000

This office tower proposed by real estate developer Dalian Wanda Group would be the tallest building in Xi’an, rising 555 feet over the current tallest building, the Xi’an Glory Financial Center, and 69 feet over the Greenland Center, which is currently under construction and set to be completed in 2024.

Source: Courtesy of SOM

12. Guizhou Culture Plaza Tower, Guiyang, China
> Proposed height: 1,709 ft
> Population of Guiyang in 2020: 4,365,000

This ultra-modern tower, nicknamed the Future Ark, will feature an external metal frame with diagonal bracing designed to withstand earthquakes and heavy winds. It will be the centerpiece of a mixed use riverfront development that will also house a theater, a mall, and residential towers.

Source: Rendering courtesy of SOM

11. Burj Jumeira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
> Proposed height: 1,804 ft
> Population of Dubai in 2020: 2,502,715

Rising from an oval-shaped lake modeled after a fingerprint, this split-volume skyscraper features two vertical disks with open space and connecting halls between them. The building will contain multiple observation decks including one with a 360 view of Dubai.

Source: Courtesy of Asian Skylines via Facebook

10. Thai Boon Roong Twin Tower World Trade Center 1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
> Proposed height: 1,843 ft
> Population of Phnom Penh in 2020: 2,129,371

Ground construction on this doubled towered, 133 story building began in 2018. The plans feature luxury apartments, offices, a hotel, and a mall. The trade centers will soar over Phnom Penh’s current tallest building, the 606 foot Vattanac Capital building.