Special Report

The Most Useful Appliances Invented in the Last 100 Years

Technology makes life easier. It also speeds it up quite a bit. This is certainly the case in the kitchen, as well as the household in general.

Tasks like washing the dishes and doing the laundry, which used to take a whole Sunday afternoon, are now left to machines. This saves people a lot of time that can be used for more pleasant activities, such as resting.

Thanks to smart inventors, some ordinary tasks like grating cheese and toasting bread are simply a lot safer. You no longer have to worry about cutting your fingers, burning your hands, or causing a fire because you forgot to turn off the stove.

People keep inventing new devices and appliances, making everyday chores even more automated than they already were. Every year, hundreds of thousands of utility patent applications are filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Approximately half of them are granted.

To compile this list of useful appliances invented over the last century, 24/7 Tempo looked at company websites, reference materials, and media sources. We considered products that have significantly changed how a household task is performed and products that are still in use, even though they have been improved on over the years.

We live in an incredibly technologically advanced time. Everything you can think of is a quick Google search away. While most of our technology has been developed since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, many products we use today have a much longer history. Here are alarm clocks, mints, and other ancient inventions we still use today.

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