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Can You Answer These Real Jeopardy! Clues About Country Music?

After the death of its iconic  host Alex Trebek, “Jeopardy!” featured a string of celebrity hosts, not always with the same success. Still, the trivia show remains one of most beloved primetime game shows in America.

On the show, three contestants duke it out answering trivia questions in several categories of general knowledge, including popular culture and music. Country music, in particular, has been popular. Since 1984, there have been nearly 600 questions related to country music’s various subgenres, songs, artists, and awards.

24/7 Tempo went through J! Archives — a site created by fans of the show that lists clues going back to when the show first aired in its current format — to identify some of the most interesting and challenging questions about country music.

Wonder how you’d rate on the game show? Try answering the following real clues and see how you stack up.

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Click here to see if you can answer these real ‘Jeopardy!’ clues about country music