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25 Real 'Jeopardy!' Clues About the ’80s That Will Make You a Trivia Champion

The 1980s were iconic in several ways. The decade was a time of loud fashion like “big hair” and bright colors as well as a time defined by classic entertainment productions, breakdancing, Ronald Reagan, and tricky Cold War politics.

Answering trivia questions is a favorite pastime of many Americans and few game shows in TV history are as iconic as “Jeopardy!” A combination of these two makes for a fun trip down memory lane. 

24/7 Tempo went through J! Archives — a site created by fans of the show that lists clues going back to 1984, when the show first aired in its current format — to identify 25 challenging clues about pop culture, sports, and lifestyle in the 1980s. The following clues were randomly selected among nearly 800 1980s-related clues and cover several game categories — from science and technology to sports and movies.

Many of Jeopardy!’s clues are in the entertainment category, usually about the biggest movies, fictional characters, or the people who played them. But the show has even more engaging clues about Hollywood productions. Can you answer these real “Jeopardy!” questions about movies?

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