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The 30 Most Inspirational Movies of the Last 100 Years

Ever since the first movies were made more than a century ago, they have given people something to cheer about. Many films go even further, inspiring viewers to make a difference. Oftentimes, depending on what movie they see, people leave a theatre feeling more hopeful for the future.

Using information generated by the American Film Institute, 24/7 Tempo has picked the 30 most inspirational movies of the past 100 years.

Though this is a list of the most inspiring movies released over a century, the top films cover a period of about 60 years — from 1939 to 1998. Most of the movies are dramas, but quite a few are comedies that inspire people to never give up.

Unlike happy comedies, some inspirational films, however, don’t have a happy ending. That is not surprising considering that good films often forge an emotional connection between the viewer and the characters, making it all the more impactful when tragedy strikes. These are the saddest movies of all time.

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