Special Report

The Newest Ski Area in Every State

It’s January and that means ski season. Skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular winter sports in the United States. Fortunately skiers and snowboarders are well catered for in states that have mountains – or hills – and get snow. 

The country has hundreds of ski areas and some states have opened new ones in recent years. Also, skiing is an outdoor pursuit and doesn’t require any kind of physical contact — an important consideration in the COVID-19 era. (If you love winter weather, here is the coldest town in every state.) 

To identify the newest ski area in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed data compiled by the National Ski Areas Association, the trade association for ski area owners and operators. Ski areas — only those recognized by the NSAA — were ranked by their opening year. If two ski areas opened in a state in the same year, both are listed. There are no recognized ski areas in 13 states. In states with only one ski area, the ski area listed is the newest by default only. Data on the number of ski areas also came from NSAA.

Luckily for skiers, some of the most populous states have the most ski areas. California and New York each have 29. California added Kingvale Snow Schoolers as recently as 2021. New York’s newest ski area is the Double H Ranch, which opened in 1998, but other ski areas have been upgraded more recently. 

Quite a few states have no ski areas. Often, that’s a function of geography rather than a reflection of the sport’s popularity. In other states, no new ski areas have opened in many years. 

Still, some states that don’t necessarily come to mind as ski paradises have added new ski areas in the last decade or so. Big SNOW American Dream opened in New Jersey in 2019, and Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre opened in Virginia in 2009. (And if skiing is not your thing, here is the best winter destination in every state.) 

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