IBM Venturing Into Broadband Over Power Lines (IBM)

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IBM (NYSE: IBM) is going into a new initiative, which is actually an old initiative which had been thought of as dead on arrival: Broadband Over Power Lines.  Big Blue is partnering with International Broadband Electric Communications, Inc.

The companies have signed a $9.6 million agreement to have IBM installBroadband over Power Line (BPL) networks at electric cooperativesthroughout the eastern US.  Its partner will focus on providingbroadband services to underserved residents in rural America.

This initiative has been tested and tested, and theorized andtheorized.  But it seems that IBM will be the first of the majorplayers to formally launch an effort beyond a test.  It is a smallevent for IBM itself, but could be yet another form of broadband accessfor the people who live in rural America and in small remotecommunities.

This is still exclusionary to some though.  They won’t be able to connect the Amish to the world wide web.

Jon C. Ogg
November 12, 2008