eBay Becomes Newest Fake Email Scam Target, Again (EBAY)

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) does not deserve what is happening to it, or at least it does not deserve the secondary and tertiary damage that could be caused by those who are hellbent on mischief.  In recent days, I have seen a rise in phishing email scam emails that are going out and those scam emails are attempting to lure people into logging into their PayPal account, eBay account, or are attempting to get users to click on a disputed item.

The logos look the same, the fonts look the same, and the shell looks the same as a real email from either eBay or PayPal.  The problem is that the “real” email address if you just hover over the email address without clicking on it is NOT a real address of eBay nor a real address from PayPal.

There have been these sorts of emails on and off in the past.  A trend that recently took place in England was where some bank customers were being robbed by a method of cloning sites identical to the actual banking sites where customers log in to their accounts.  I happens to every major retailer out there, but ultimately this ends up being an account hijack or an identity theft of some person who clicks on it.

Unfortunately, the few governments that could do something about this are too busy to police this wave after wave of cybercrime.  Those behind these scams are rarely caught, and it is going to take moving the punishment phase for theft to a Saudi court system to really deter these waves of crime.  Until these perpetrators face getting their hygienic hand lopped off, they are going to operate freely at the expense of society.

Again, eBay is only being used as the mechanism and has nothing to do with this other than that their brand is being used by thieves who are trying to ultimately deplete you of your funds. Don’t be fooled by criminals.