Google Glass and the Movies

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A Texas-based theater chain has banned Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Glass at its movie houses, citing the threat of piracy from the device’s recording capability. Alamo Drafthouse operates theaters in Texas and five other states and is about to open its first venue in California.

The chain’s founder and CEO Tim League has made a crusade out of eliminating distractions inside Alamo Drafthouse theaters. The theaters already ban talking, texting and Madonna, who was banned without ever setting foot inside a Drafthouse theater.

Seems Madonna was attending a New York Film Festival screening last October and was asked to stop texting during the showing of “12 Years a Slave,” to which she replied, “It’s for business … enslaver.” Guess that makes it all right.

When League heard about the incident, he banned Madonna from his cinemas until she issues an apology for movie patrons. He’s still waiting, according to a report at

According to, League said:

I realize that technology may change and this type of device may eventually become widely adopted and even replace traditional glasses. Down the road our policies may have to morph.

The threat of piracy of copyrighted material by using Google Glass at a movie seems a bit far-fetched, but there are added concerns about the invasion of others people’s privacy by someone recording with Glass.

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