IBM Watch: Day 2

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The global reach of International Business Machine Corp.’s (NYSE: IBM) businesses shows up in announcements it makes from its operations outside the United States. One of the most recent postings is from the United Kingdom.

IBM is one of the oldest and most storied companies in America. Despite recent trouble, it remains one of the largest public companies in the United States, as well as among the largest employers. IBM is number 31 on the current Fortune 500 list. In 2000, it was number six on the list.

This is the 24/7 Wall St. IBM Watch, day by day, every day.

LONDON, UK – 08 Sep 2016: IBM Watson Health and Harrow Council today announced a 10-year agreement to use cognitive technologies to help people with personalised social care needs choose the best services. The commercial agreement is the first of its kind with a UK local authority, and marks the first implementation of Watson Care Manager outside of the USA.

Using Harrow Council’s expertise and innovations in adult social care, IBM will enhance Watson Care Manager to enable individuals and caregivers to quickly and easily select the most appropriate provider that can deliver the services they need, using their allocated personal budget. Many social and health programmes globally require personal budgets, and Watson Care Manager’s new functionality could simplify that process for individuals beyond Harrow and the UK.

Watson is IBM’s flagship brand, and it may be more important now than the parent company’s brand

The Harrow Council is an extremely modest-sized set of services for one section of London. Among other things, it handles garden garbage collection, taxes, school meals and parking permits.

Good news for Watson.

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