Opinion: Why China and Apple’s relationship is fine, thank you

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They are both long-term planners and partners.

From friend-of-the-blog David Thall, writing in another forum:

Chinese leadership may be a lot of things, but they are not stupid. And neither is Cook and Company.

Without rehashing their co-dependent relationship—which everyone here knows very well—simply put: Apple employs a lot of Chinese, so Apple gets to sell a lot of product over there. And at a very profitable margin.

If I can offer any insight, and this is just my opinion of course, it is that China and Apple share something else significant in common. They have spent years and years developing their business relationship.

They are both long-term planners and partners.

Contrast this to Trump and his gang’s short-term political agenda. A president who, relatively speaking, will be gone soon. Whether he gets re-elected or not, he will inevitably pass like a bad case of gas. Or perhaps a better metaphor—a kidney stone.

I can’t see China wrecking it’s very good long-term relationship with America’s premiere company for a relatively short-term political inconvenience— throwing out the proverbial baby with the bath water. It’s not in their nature.

If China screwed Apple with tariffs, what would Cook—the master of supply & demand, do?

He would without question mitigate the damage to Apple—by developing a more reliable manufacturing partner. Maybe build automated manufacturing domestically?

Bottom-line: China has a lot more to lose long-term if they damage Apple short-term. JMHO

My take: My humble opinion too, down to the kidney stone.